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  • What should I bring with me?
    Space is limited, so don't over-pack! Documentation: Be sure you have all of the required documentation to enter the UK in your carry-on bag. Clothing: Weather in York can be unpredictable. It is important to bring clothing for both warm (highs can be mid-20s C/80s F in spring and autumn) and cold weather (temperatures can get below freezing in winter with occassional snow). A rain jacket is a must, but heavy coats can be aquired inexpensively at charity/thrift shops to save packing one. Toiletries: You will need to supply these yourself, and they can be purchased in local grocery stores. Electrical items: You can purchase travel plugs (adapters) to allow you to plug in your electrical items. Remember the UK uses 240V rather than 110V, so please check your item is dual voltage before you plug it in. American curling irons and straightening irons generally do not work in the UK. Even with converters they usually melt and blow fuses, so it is best to purchase them in the UK. They generally cost approximately £15-£20. Laptop and mobile devices: We don't have any desktop computers available for student use so we encourage you to bring your own device. You will need to write papers and complete your Through the Bible Survey class which is on MP3. School supplies: These may be purchased locally at prices comperable to the U.S. Linens: Quilts and pillows will be provided. You will need to either bring or purchase a bottom sheet and quilt/duvet cover for a single bed, a pillowcase, and bath towels. These can all be purchased locally for £12 and up for linens and £1 and up for towels. Backpack: You may want to bring a bag or backpack to carry books and other essentials.
  • What is the best way to get to the campus?
    Please see the Travel and Visa Information page for information about getting to York.
  • Do I need a Visa to enter the UK?
    Please see the Travel and Visa Information page for information on visas.
  • Will I be accepted at the border?
    As long as you comply with the Short-term Study Visa conditions, then the Border Control Officer should admit you as a Student Visitor to study a short course at CCBCY. Immigration Officers do have discretion about who they admit or reject, so if the Officer interviewing you requires further information or clarification, ask him or her to ring Calvary Chapel Bible College York on 01904 733 888 and ask to speak to the Director or Registrar.
  • Can I travel while at Bible college?
    There are no vacations in the semester, and students are not allowed to miss classes. However, we do encourage students to travel on weekends. You must first submit a completed Travel Voucher Request form at least 48 hours prior to travel. Please do not book trips, flights, train, etc before you have been given permission to travel.
  • What is the best way to access my money while I am in the UK?
    The best way to obtain cash is using one of the many ATMs near campus. The bank ATMs in England use the standard 4 digit pin number like the USA. Check with your local bank for information regarding ATM charges, as they can vary with 'hidden' charges. Generally stand-alone ATM machines in the UK have higher fees than those at a bank. You should inform your bank that you will be using your card in England so that they do not think it has been stolen. Cash can also be exchanged locally at a competitive rate at banks, post offices, and some department stores.
  • What about mail to and from the UK?
    Mailing a letter to the States costs £1.25 or more depending on weight. You can receive mail at: CCBC York 1 Barbican Road York YO10 5AA England Please ensure that the sender completes a customs slip stating that the parcel is a gift, otherwise the parcel may be held up indefinitely in customs and you may be charged import fees. You must ensure that any parcels will arrive after the start of the semester as the office my not be manned during the holidays.
  • What about phone calls?
    Each flat has a telephone so that family and friends can call you. You will be given the phone number for your flat when you arrive. You will not be allowed to be pulled out of class to take phone calls so it is best to pre-arrange times for your family and friends to call to ensure that you will be available.
  • What about internet?
    The Bible college provides free wifi.
  • Do I need health insurance?
    European Union students coming to York will normally be eligible to receive medical tratment under the National Health Service (NHS). Non-EU students will need to purchase private medical insurance before travelling. You must have full health insurance that covers you for visits to doctors, medication that is prescribed for you, and all medical and hospital fees.
  • What about prescription medicine?
    If you are taking prescription medication, you should either bring enough with you to last the semester or arrange for refills to be mailed to you. It may not be possible for you to obtain the specific prescription you need in a UK chemist due to different brands and suppliers. If you need a prescription from a doctor here, it can be obtained from a chemist (pharmacy), which are nearby and generally open from 09:00 to 17:30. Chemists also sell non-prescription medicines for minor ailments (headaches, coughs, etc.) and are happy to give advice.
  • Is accommodation available before the Dorms Open date?
    Unfortunately, accommodation is not available prior to the Dorms Open date. (See Semester Dates page.) Students who arrive early can find accommodation through VisitYork, TripAdvisor, Bed and Breakfast UK, Late Rooms, or
  • Is there space available on campus for my family member who is travelling with me?
    Unfortunately, there isn't space on campus for parents or other family members accompanying students at the start of the semester. They can find accommodation through the VisitYork, TripAdvisor, Bed and Breakfast UK, Late Rooms, or
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